Alphabet’s new startup uses artificial intelligence to discover medicine

استارتاپ جدید آلفابت از هوش مصنوعی برای کشف دارو استفاده می‌کند

Alphabet has announced the launch of a new startup called Isomorphic Laboratory, which is set to discover various drugs using technologies based on artificial intelligence.

Earlier, another Alphabet subsidiary, DeepMind, used artificial intelligence to predict the structure of proteins.

Alphabet’s new company, Isomorphic Laboratory (Isomorphic LaboratoriesIntends to use artificial intelligence to build tools to identify new drugs They help a lot. Alphabet spokesman DeepMind CEO Demis Hesabis, who will be the startup’s CEO, said the two companies would be independent and only work together occasionally.

Experts have been talking about artificial intelligence for several years as a way to speed up the discovery of new drugs to treat various diseases. Also, over the past two years, hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in companies that make artificial intelligence devices.

According to Hesabis, the isomorphic laboratory will try to predict how the drug will interact with the body by creating models. This may use DeepMind technologies to study the structure of proteins to examine how proteins interact. Of course, this new company is not going to produce its own drugs, but it intends to sell its artificial intelligence models. However, a company spokesman said they would also focus on partnering with pharmaceutical companies.

However, drug development and testing is a more difficult challenge than discovering the structure of a protein. As the chemist and author Derek Lou points out, more than 90% of the drugs that make it to clinical trials will not work. DeepMind projects and the new company’s future work can help overcome some of the research limitations, but they are not a quick fix to the many challenges of drug development.

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