Amazing Asus Ragphone 5 audio performance in DxOMark review before introduction

Amazing Asus Ragphone 5 audio performance in DxOMark review before introduction

The Asus Ragphone 5 smartphone will be introduced on the 20th of March, however, studies by DxOMark Audio show that this smartphone has been able to achieve the highest audio rating of this reference among smartphones with its excellent quality in recording and playing audio. Slowly

In September of this year, DxOMark Audio protocols were introduced to evaluate and rank the ability to play and record audio on smartphones. The lab is now testing the Asus smartphone with audio testing protocols Placed And due to the good performance that this device has shown in audio evaluation, it has been able to be at the top of this table as the most powerful mobile phone in the market in terms of sound quality.

With this account, Asus Ragphone 5 with a high score was able to take the lead from Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro with a score of 75, and took such a position.

With four microphones, a headphone jack and two symmetrical speakers on the front of the device, the Ragphone 5 has scored 79 points in the DxOMark audio testing lab.

DxoMark reviews show that this smartphone performs exceptionally well with a very homogeneous frequency response. The speaker has very good playback power and loud sound, although it is a bit weak in terms of sound bass.

On the other hand, the new Asus smartphone managed to get the highest score in dynamic audio tests, features related to spatial sound playback, as well as sound distortion in the speaker area. The speaker provides a uniform distribution of sound and has fine settings.

The performance of the Ragphone 5 microphone has also been reported to be excellent. Powerful sound with a high balance has made it one of the strongest in the market in terms of audio measurement. On the other hand, studies also show a good signal-to-noise ratio. In fact, the smartphone was able to score well on the DxoMark audio test in game, music, video recording and playback.

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