Amazing video of Iceland erupting from a very close distance

Amazing video of Iceland erupting from a very close distance

In recent days, we have seen the release of fascinating images and videos of the eruption of the Icelandic volcano, but in the meantime, a photographer has approached his drone the size of a drone to capture an extraordinary video, parts of which have melted.

This video is amazing in terms of visuals and audio, and a few similar examples have been released to date. Mount Fagradasfiak is located a short distance from the Icelandic capital, Reykjavik.

This photographer named “Garðar Ólafs” to record this video of the eruption of the Icelandic volcano from the DJI drone Used And he was lucky enough not to lose his entire UAV while recording this video. Of course, given the output, such a risk was worth it.

According to Ólafs, the drone entered the crater to record the video:

“I was flying my UAV near the eruption and I decided to see such a situation from above. I slowly reduced the height of the drone as far as I could see the erupting lava. However, when I raised my head, I could no longer see the drone. “In fact, the drone was inside the crater.”

The photographer realized that if the drone remained in this position for a long time, it would be destroyed. So he decides to move it away from the danger zone and return it to its original location.

Upon returning to its original location, Ólafs notices that parts of the drone, as well as its sensors, are melting. While it is still possible to fly with this drone, its performance is not the same as before and it gives several errors during the flight.

Ólafs, whose habitat is only 15 minutes away from the eruption of this volcanic mountain, felt compelled to record such an extraordinary video and therefore endangered its drone.

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