Amazon allows automakers to build Alexa-based assistants

Amazon allows automakers to build Alexa-based assistants

Amazon now allows other companies to access Alexa’s digital assistant’s artificial intelligence core. Previously, tech giants allowed electronics makers to define custom applications for Alexa or integrate them with their products, but it was not possible to use the assistant’s artificial intelligence technology to produce similar assistants.

First of all, it is the carmakers who will benefit from Amazon’s generosity. But any other company that wants to have more control over the software experience with the help of voice assistant will be allowed to use Alexa’s core. Amazon cites complexity, the need for time, and the high cost of offering an assistant as the main reason for its action, adding that this will accelerate innovation in this area.

According to Amazon, companies that want to develop their own assistant based on Alexa AI can use specific words and sounds to call an assistant or communicate. The company added that Amazon’s in-house experts are ready to help develop machine learning-based algorithms to create an audio library.

As cars become more digital, software experience and working with large in-cab displays have become a lucrative market for technology companies. Of course, Apple and Google are a bit ahead of the various companies in this field, relying on Apple CarPlay and Android Ono, and Amazon, according to the agreements reached with several brands, including Lamborghini and Revin, just wants to integrate Alexa Assistant with their products.

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Fiat Chrysler is the first company to develop an Alexa-based assistant. The Italian-American automaker has a close relationship with Amazon and has previously agreed to use Amazon Fire TV-enabled displays inside its production booth.

According to Amazon, in the first phase, companies in the United States, Canada, Australia, Austria, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Japan, New Zealand and Spain can use the Alexa AI core to build their assistant. کردن.

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