Amazon Graviton 3 processor introduced: 25% faster than the previous generation

پردازنده Graviton 3 آمازون معرفی شد: ۲۵ درصد سریع‌تر از نسل قبل

Amazon Web Services (AWS) unveiled the new generation of Graviton processor called Graviton 3 at the annual event: Invent. Amazon says the processor, which is based on the logo architecture, is 25 percent faster than the previous generation. The Amazon processor is twice as fast as decimal point operations and three times faster as machine learning processes. Graviton 3 will also consume 60% less energy.

Amazon Says The Graviton 3 processor will be available in the new EC2 C7g cloud services. These services are the first AWS cloud services to use DDR5 memory, and part of the reason for their low power consumption is because of this. DDR5 memory has 50% more bandwidth than previous generations of Graviton DDR4.

The Graviton 3 processor includes a new pointer authentication feature that will enhance system security. With this feature, addresses are first signed with a secret key and some extra information before being returned to the stack. Attacks will be stopped later during the evaluation if the address is not valid. Amazon is working to develop support for this feature through partnerships with operating system developers and compilers. The processor also supports bfloat16 data in machine learning.

Amazon New Web Services Ambassador Jeff Barr announced today that the new chips and services for a variety of applications, including HPC, batch processing, electronic design automation (EDA), media file encryption, scientific modeling, advertising, distributed analysis, and learning inference A CPU-based machine will be used.

The new Graviton 3 processor is available as a preview via the C7g service. The service has a maximum bandwidth of 30 Gbps and supports Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA). The first generation of Graviton processor was introduced in 2018 and the second generation in 2019.

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