Amazon Growth Analysis: An Overview of Jeff Bezos’ Six Key Factors in Business Success

Amazon Growth Analysis: An Overview of Jeff Bezos' Six Key Factors in Business Success

Jeff Bezos, the current founder and CEO of Amazon, who is stepping down as the most influential and innovative business thinker of the last 50 years, has achieved remarkable success. He is now one of the three richest people in the world. But what is the secret behind his success that he has been able to achieve significant success? Here are six key pointers in moving your business forward.

In late February, Jeff Bezos became the richest man in the world with his fortune of 190 billion dollars and took the lead from Ilan Mask. “Jeff Bezos says in a note about his achievements:

“Innovation is the root of our success. We have done creative and different things that later became very common and other companies and organizations followed the same path. “Prime Day, Kindle, Alexa, cloud systems and many new technologies have become commonplace, while on the first day such ideas were different and creative and nobody knew about them.”

In his latest book, Amazon Management System, Ram Charan explores the main reasons for Jeff Bezos’ success so that other organizations can learn the secrets of Amazon’s success in the new age. The author of the book believes that business owners and startups can set successful days for themselves by following the example of large and successful companies. Ramcharan has classified the reason for Jeff Bezos’ success in six main areas:

Customer-oriented business model

Amazon is always focused on developing its business models and moving forward with new strategies. Instead of following traditional methods, it replaces old ones with newer ecosystems to be more efficient.

Customer-centric business model is also one of the important issues that Amazon has paid special attention to and this business model can be mentioned as one of the main factors of Amazon’s success.

High innovation and creativity

Using customer data and accurate behavioral metrics, Amazon has developed innovative strategies, and with such approaches, it has been able to create new spaces in the market.

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Very fast decision making

One of the good features of Amazon is that it takes a strategic and quick decision-making approach when dealing with various issues. The company not only pays attention to the speed of action in decision making, but also performs well in decision making and selects the best options. In fact, increasing the speed does not reduce the quality of work.

Organizations need to be able to make the best and most accurate decisions in the fastest time to achieve good success.

Do not forget the motivation and goals of the first day

Organizations and companies usually enter the market on the first day with a certain energy, goals and motivation, but over time they may lose their motivation. But despite developing and becoming a large company, Amazon has kept its first-day motivations alive and even tried to pursue bigger and more ambitious goals.

The passage of time has not caused Amazon to back down from its strategies, but has continued to move faster and with stronger motivation.

Attract the best talents

One of the strengths of Amazon is that it has been able to provide space to attract the best talent along with innovation and creativity.

The company has a well-documented mechanism for attracting new talent and methods, and has always invested in attracting such talent for further innovation and creativity.

Artificial intelligence-based data collection and analysis system

Amazon’s data system is very carefully designed. Data is processed with technologies based on artificial intelligence to provide a correct and accurate analysis of market situation, sales and …. This data has many uses for making the right and logical decisions later. Collecting real data and analyzing it properly is another factor in Amazon’s success.

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