Amazon has received emergency permission to use the Corona Home Test Kit from the FDA

Amazon has received emergency permission to use the Corona Home Test Kit from the FDA

Amazon has been licensed by the Food and Drug Administration for emergency use of a home corona test kit for its employees made by one of its subsidiaries.

This kit, called the COVID-19 Collection Kit, is for Amazon employees Allows To sample their nose under the supervision of a specialist or at home. Amazon has launched an automated scheduling system that gives its employees time to test every two weeks, although participation in the program will be voluntary.

If employees wish to participate in the program, they must drop the sample into a specially sealed package in one of Amazon’s mailboxes and send it to a laboratory for analysis.

This test kit is made by STS Lab Holdco (a subsidiary of Amazon) and the modified version is a quick test made by BGI Genomics. Amazon does not currently have a plan for its public release.

Amazon has invested heavily in building a dedicated test kit for its 1.3 million-strong workforce. The company also has dedicated laboratories, one in Kentucky and the other in California, that will use them to analyze samples that are scheduled to be sent every two weeks.

In October last year, Amazon announced that nearly 20,000 of its front-line employees had been infected with Corona. Some employees have accused Amazon of not doing enough to protect their lives from the virus. Amazon says that in addition to testing, it performs activities such as providing a mask, measuring body temperature, and continuously disinfecting the workplace.

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