Amazon is installing more artificial intelligence cameras in cars to monitor drivers

آمازون با هدف نظارت بر رانندگان، دوربین‌های هوش مصنوعی بیشتری در خودروها نصب می‌کند

Amazon In the UK, installation Artificial intelligence cameras Start deliveries on cars to monitor drivers. The retail giant did the same last year, with some critics calling it “terrible” and “too much.”

According to reports Telegraph, These cameras monitor the performance of British drivers on the road and, in case of high speed or severe braking, issue sound alerts to them and give points to their drivers accordingly. In the UK, two cameras are installed inside each car, one to record the driver and the other to record the road.

Opponents of installing cameras in Amazon cars

The Telegraph further explained that Big Brother Watch movement Has demanded the suspension of the installation of the cameras.

Silki Carlo, director of the UK-based privacy campaign, explains that Amazon, with data from its spy technologies, decides to the detriment of the lowest paid drivers. He goes on to say:

“Such direct monitoring can increase the risk of distracting drivers and weakening their morale. “It’s also bad for workers’ rights and terrible for privacy.”

Last year, Amazon used artificial intelligence cameras in cars in the United States to use it to decide on drivers’ pay and layoffs.


According to reports, the launch of such a tool to directly monitor Amazon’s driving has in the past forced some of them to resign. The e-commerce giant, on the other hand, faced a petition from its employees last year calling for an end to “labor monitoring” and was signed by more than 200 employees.

An Amazon spokesman also told the Telegraph:

“The purpose of introducing this technology is to keep drivers and people safe, there is no other reason to use it.”

An Amazon spokesman also mentioned earlier that despite the cameras, the rate of crashes by their drivers 48% The number of drivers who do not wear seat belts has also decreased 60 percent Dropped.

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