Amazon seeks to establish a store to supply goods left in stock

Amazon seeks to establish a store to supply goods left in stock

According to Bloomberg, Amazon plans to sell some of its unsold appliances at great discounts by opening several discount stores.

The report states that the products will be sourced from Amazon’s own warehouses, and the company plans to sell them by opening several temporary retailers in shopping malls and parking lots. Goods for this decision are considered It includes some small items such as household items, toys, kitchen utensils and electronics that do not take up much space.

Earlier in 2019, it was reported that Amazon was burning and destroying millions of gadgets it could not sell – from TVs to diapers. Of course, Amazon then pledged to donate its unsold products to the needy by setting up a new program.

However, Amazon has now dropped the idea due to the impact and damage of the Corona virus. In addition, they have just opened new grocery stores in Los Angeles and intend to focus on it.

According to Bloomberg, Amazon currently has a significant presence in more than 500 Holl Foods stores – focusing on natural and organic products – 96 Amazon Fresh stores, Amazon Go store, seven temporary retailers and other permanent retailers. has it.

Statistics from Statistics also show that electronics and home appliances are among the most important consumer goods on the Amazon website, so including these products in their discounts can go a long way in increasing sales of discounted products. Given the popularity of Black Friday over the past few years, consumers seem to be very keen on discounts and are simply placed in discount queues and stores. It seems good to have such an idea to sell unsold products, but not at the time of the corona virus outbreak.

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