Amazon wants to begin test delivery of UAVs by the end of 2022

آمازون می‌خواهد تا پایان 2022 تحویل آزمایشی کالا با پهپاد را آغاز کند

Amazon is working to complete a long-delayed UAV delivery project. The company recently announced in a statement that after receiving the green light from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), it will continue its UAV delivery service in Lockford, California Launches.

If the FAA licenses Amazon, the project will be a promise for almost a decade Delivery of goods by UAV Gives, finally enters the practical phase. Earlier in an article about the ambitious Prime Air project, we told you what problems Amazon has faced. But Today’s news It shows that the tech giant is confident that the time has come to start the project.

The company says Lockford residents will be able to receive goods with the service for the first time in a year Prime Air Are accessed. Accordingly, thousands of goods will be able to be transported by UAV, but the company has not yet announced what goods can be ordered with this service.

The development of Amazon Prime Air technologies continues

Amazon says they are developing obstacle avoidance technology that will be used on land and in the air. In addition, the company wants its own drones for Flight beyond the field of view (BVLOS) Prepare. The term refers to technology that allows the drone to fly out of the pilot’s field of vision.

However, Amazon must first obtain a license from the Aviation Authority. “Regarding further approvals, the FAA will review our plans and confirm that our operations in Lockford are in accordance with National Environmental Law Is.” However, the aviation authority has so far declined to comment, saying it is not talking about permits under consideration.

Jeff Bezos first unveiled the project in 2013. However, in 2019, a preview of the redesign of the Prime Air drones was released, showing the possibility of vertical flight. Various problems in the development of this technology made it impossible for the company to start delivering goods by UAV after many years. Now we have to wait and see what the fate of this project will be this year.

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