Amazon will also lay off 10,000 people due to economic uncertainty

Amazon will also lay off 10,000 people due to economic uncertainty

It has recently been revealed in the news that Amazon It also plans to lay off as many as 10,000 employees, and the company is one of the other major tech companies to lay off employees in recent months and weeks.

Yesterday, Amazon started laying off employees in the hardware department that makes devices such as Alexa, Echo, and the Amazon Fire tablet, and Dave Limp, one of the company’s senior vice presidents, said in a letter that informed employees of this news and that Amazon would continue to support These people will even help to find a new job.

Dismissal of employees of human resources and hardware production department

Limp further acknowledged that Amazon is facing unusual macroeconomic conditions and that the company was forced to make this decision after in-depth consideration. According to reports, Amazon’s recent layoffs may also affect Amazon’s retail and human resources departments. An Amazon spokesperson also said that the roles affected by the recent decisions remain in place in the company’s corporate and technology divisions, and that the company has not suspended employees in its operational departments.

Amazon fired 10 thousand people

Amazon has not specified exactly how many employees it will lay off, but a Wall Street Journal report indicates that the tech giant may be looking to lay off nearly 10,000 people in retail, hardware and human resources. expel

Amazon says it has nearly 1.54 million employees worldwide, including full-time and part-time workers, but not contractors and temporary workers. Amazon isn’t the only major tech company that has had to lay off workers in recent weeks, with Meta announcing last week that it will lay off 11,000 workers due to economic difficulties. In the past months, Twitter and Microsoft have also taken similar measures.

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  • Microsoft laid off a thousand of its employees due to economic conditions
  • Former Twitter employees sued the company for mass layoffs
  • Laying off 11,000 Meta employees and Zuckerberg taking full responsibility

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