AMD confirms: Tesla’s new S and X models use RDNA2 graphics

AMD تایید کرد: مدل‌های جدید تسلا مدل S و X از گرافیک RDNA2 استفاده می‌کنند

When Tesla unveiled the new Model S and Model X in February last year and announced that the media entertainment system of these products could have a maximum capacity of 10 teraflops, it was said that these two cars would probably be equipped with AMD graphics. Today, AMD has confirmed that Tesla’s new models use the company’s fast processing unit (APU), which is a combination of Raizon chips with Radeon graphics.

Lisa Soo, CEO of Imedi during the company’s ceremony at Computex 2021 Announced That Tesla cars use graphics based on RDNA2 architecture when playing heavy games. This mechanism is similar to laptops that have integrated and dedicated graphics and depending on what they do, they use their desired graphics.

Using this method makes perfect sense for Tesla cars, as the constant use of powerful RDNA2 graphics causes the battery to run out of power very quickly. As you probably know, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S Series also use RDNA2 graphics. But why do you need a car at the same level as the console?

Tesla probably wants to make it possible for its customers to play a little while traveling or charging the car. Newer versions of the S and X have two displays, one 17-inch at the front and the other smaller at the rear. So even if the driver does not get a chance to play, other passengers can devote their time to the games while traveling.

On the other hand, given that the price of these products reaches $ 74,000, it may not be so surprising that high graphics power is placed in the media entertainment system of these cars so that these products do not have any shortcomings in any field.

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