AMD is likely to unveil the Raizen 7000 5nm processors by early fall

AMD احتمالا تا اوایل پاییز از پردازنده‌های 5 نانومتری رایزن 7000 رونمایی می‌کند

According to published reports, it is expected AMD The next generation of desktop processors Advisor 7000 Introduce itself based on the 5-nanometer Zen 4 architecture with AM5 socket in September 2022 (September-October).

Digitimes In its new report, it explains that AMD is expected to launch the next generation of Raizen 7000 desktop processors in September this year. However, we can expect to see their official introduction in the next four months.

Advisor 7000; A new ecosystem for gamers

The next generation of Raizen 7000 AMD desktop processors from AM5 platform They are highly anticipated because they are said to form a whole new ecosystem designed specifically for gamers and content creators. These processors, along with the new Zen 4 architecture and AM5 platform, offer a range of new features such as DDR5 support and PCIe Gen 5.0 for this group of users.

AMD company on the second day of June, its conference at the exhibition Computex 2022 (Computex 2022) where more details about these processors are expected to be heard. In addition, AMD is expected to provide more details on how the AM5 platform will perform at the show. The company has now received the necessary approvals from the board to display its first AM5 products (albeit as a prototype).

Finally, in addition to the above, new details about LGA 1718 motherboards are likely to be shared at the show, as well as an upgraded version of the X670 chipset, now known as the X670E.

AMD this month unveiled the Raizen 5000 C series processors for the growing chromebook market, which are based on the Zen 3 architecture and 7nm lithography, bringing the first 8 x86 cores to the chromebooks.

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