AMD is negotiating with TSMC to order its chips from a new factory in Arizona

AMD is negotiating with TSMC to order its chips from a new factory in Arizona

With the completion of the construction and finalization of the chip production plant TSMC In Arizona, in 2024 or 2025, many companies, especially in the United States, are considering ordering their chips from that factory for various reasons, and in the latest news, it seems that after Apple and Nvidia, AMD is also considering another major customer. This factory is inside the United States.

As announced in the news in the past, TSMC is building a factory in Arizona, USA, and this advanced production complex is expected to enter the company’s production line in 2024. Now, in a report shared by Nikkei Asian Review, it is mentioned that after Apple and Nvidia, AMD also plans to order its chips for manufacturing from this factory.

While Nvidia and Apple are two of TSMC’s biggest customers and their request is likely to be considered and implemented already, AMD and its subsidiary company Xilinx are also negotiating with TSMC to get the parts they need from the factory in They are Arizona.

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Currently, TSMC’s official statement described the factory’s most advanced products as 5nm nodes, but TSMC founder Morris Chang believes that the factory could eventually achieve 3nm manufacturing technology as well. With the increase in demand for production in this factory, in the past there were also reports about the possibility of expanding the land area of ​​this factory and building new production complexes, and in this regard, there is a possibility that TSMC will build six more factories in Arizona with an investment of 35 billion. USD and the ability to produce 100,000 wafers per month.

Currently, TSMC wants to spend $12 billion on this factory, which will eventually produce 20,000 wafers per month. TSMC is also ramping up production of 3nm nodes, and its advanced production line is expected to be operational and completed next year.

However, it is currently unclear whether the first generation of these three-nanometer nodes is going to be made in Arizona or not, but it seems that in the near future, TSMC will have ceremonial plans in the Arizona factory, and perhaps interesting news will be announced in that ceremony.

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