AMD Raizen 6000 Laptop Processors with RDNA2 Graphics

پردازنده‌های لپ‌تاپ رایزن 6000 شرکت AMD با گرافیک RDNA2 از راه می‌رسند

AMD today unveils its latest processors for laptops at its conference at CES 2022. Hours before the event, the Raizen 6000 processors won the CES 2022 Award, which gives us some of their specifications.

Although AMD will announce the full details of its processors at today’s conference, the new information could make users more eager to learn about these processors.

RDNA2 graphics on Raizen 6000 processors

According to current information, the most important change in AMD’s new APUs for laptops seems to be more powerful graphics. In fact, AMD has finally decided to abandon the Vega GPU architecture and move on to the newer RDNA2 GPU architecture.

This new architecture, along with additional graphics capabilities such as support for DirectX 12 Ultimate, consumes much more energy and provides users with higher power. So users can experience good power without the need for a standalone graphics card.

Although AMD did not mention the architecture used in the CPU, since we should not wait for the introduction of the Zen 4 architecture, we will probably encounter the Zen 3 Plus or Zen 3 architecture similar to the Raizen 5000. The Zen 4 architecture is expected to be introduced in the coming months before the end of 2022.

In addition to announcing that the Raizen 6000 processors will use RDNA2 graphics, AMD has also announced their support for the new DDR5 RAM standard. According to AMD, the use of DDR5 RAM significantly increases the memory bandwidth required for the powerful iGPU capabilities of the Raizen 6000 series. Of course, the company did not mention LPDDR5 RAM.

Finally, AMD announced that the new Raizen processors will use Microsoft’s hardware security processor, as well as artificial intelligence-based audio processing. In a few hours, the company will announce the full details of its future processors.

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