America successfully tested two hypersonic missiles

آمریکا با موفقیت دو موشک هایپرسونیک را آزمایش کرد

America was able to successfully test the first program OpFires at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. OpFires is a hypersonic weapon being developed by Lockheed Martin for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). On the other hand, the US Air Force AGM-183A hypersonic missile successfully tested.

To create land-based missile systems, DARPA is developing a program called OpFires, which allows the installation of hypersonic missiles on the US Army’s Palletized Load System family of vehicles. In its test, the defense agency mounted the OpFires system on a USMC logistics truck and used the Army’s fire control system to command the launch of the missile.

According to DARPA, OpFires with Success Test your rocket has done. “It [آزمایش] “It is a promising step toward easy access to the TEL to accurately fire medium-range missiles from ready-made, agile trucks that already exist in the US Army and Navy.”

Launching a hypersonic missile from a bomber

On the other hand, the US Air Force installed the AGM-183A missile on the bomber B-52 Stratofortress He took it to the sky and released it from the air. Then a rocket booster guided this hypersonic missile to speed it up March 5 deliver According to the Air Force, the test successfully accomplished its primary and secondary objectives, paving the way for subsequent tests later in the year.

Hypersonic missile on the bomber

In a statement, Lockheed Martin said that their test was the ability of the air-launched rapid response weapon booster (ARRW) demonstrated reaching hypersonic speeds, collected vital information for subsequent tests, and confirmed the ability to safely separate the missile from the aircraft.

Hypersonic missiles They move in the upper part of the atmosphere and their speed is 6200 km/h arrives. America competes with China and Russia in the development of these weapons.

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