American teens prefer the iPhone to Android phones

American teens prefer the iPhone to Android phones

According to statistics, American teenagers prefer iPhones to Android phones. Of course, given that Apple is so popular in the United States, this does not seem surprising.

The teenagers of this country prefer Buy Apple products, and in fact Cupertino is one of the most popular brands in the US mobile market. According to a new survey, 88% of US teens use an iPhone. The data is based on a survey of about 7,000 teens by investment firm Piper Sandler. Also, 90% of teens claim that their next phone will be the iPhone.

According to a Counterpoint report released in 2020, one of the two mobile phones sold in the United States was the iPhone. So it is no surprise that teenagers prefer the iPhone to Android phones. The survey shows that teens’ use of iPhones has never reached this level and is a record in this regard.

Nevertheless, Apple seems to have a very large and powerful territory in the United States. Many people use iMessage to connect with others and are somehow dependent on it. Therefore, iMessage can be mentioned as one of the most important reasons for the popularity of the iPhone.

Is it possible that Alji said goodbye to the mobile tire market in these statistics? Is it possible that the statistics will change in the future? LG recently said goodbye to the mobile world in an official announcement. Of course, LG phones do not have a large share in the United States, but it can be understood that owners of LG phones will have to use other brands in the future. Given that LG phones run the Android operating system, it is likely that most users of this company will be inclined towards Samsung phones.

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