An 8-fold increase in the price of aluminum rims in the last two years

افرایش ۸ برابری قیمت رینگ‌های آلومینیومی در دوسال اخیر

It was in late 1998 that domestic automakers removed aluminum rims from cars and replaced them with steel rims. Since then, the price of aluminum rims in the open market has increased 4 to 8 times.

The automakers have previously justified the phasing out of aluminum rims by saying that we are not allowed to increase the price of our products, thus forcing us to reduce the cost of our products by making unspecified savings.

For example, currently the price difference between Tiba 2 steel and aluminum rims is close to 3 million Tomans. In the open market, four rings of aluminum rims, which until two years ago were priced at 600,000 Tomans, are bought and sold with a price tag of 4,800,000 Tomans.

Also, the price of four rings of Iran-Khodro 5-blade flat fabric rim in the market is 4 million and 100 thousand Tomans, and Iran-Khodro 5-blade fabric factory rim is bought and sold at the price of 4 million and 850 thousand Tomans.

With this in mind, it seems that aluminum rims have become a luxury item that, incidentally, requires access to them at a much higher cost than the actual value of these items.

Currently, cars such as Dena Ordinary, Peugeot Pars TU5, HC Cross, Peugeot 207 Gear, Samand Turbo and Samand Soren ELX are marketed with steel rims.

You might think that more beautiful and attractive appearance is the only reason why aluminum rims are superior to steel rims, but their high strength and resistance to possible shocks is also undeniable.

The interesting thing about this is that aluminum rims, despite their higher price and greater resistance to impact and pressure, are somewhat disposable and cannot be repaired. In this way, these rings must be replaced in case of breakage. However, steel rings can be repaired in the event of a slight bend.

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