An Apple Watch rescued a man who had fallen into a frozen lake

An Apple Watch rescued a man who had fallen into a frozen lake

The Apple Watch once again saved the life of a man who had fallen into icy lakes. The man called the emergency center via the Apple Watch just minutes before anesthesia, and rescuers saved his life.

An experienced skater was having fun on an icy lake that thought the ice was still large and did not pose a threat. But William Rogers fell into the incredibly cold Lake Salmon Falls, New Hampshire, whether because of the heat or the ease of ice skating.

Rogers struggled for a few minutes to get out of the water but was unsuccessful. So his body temperature dropped rapidly and he became hypothermic. Rogers Says“In the first attempt, I tried to get back on the ice because I knew I had to get out of the water as quickly as possible, but the ice kept breaking under the pressure of my body.”

At that moment, he was stuck in the ice and could not get his cell phone out of his pocket. But at the same time, he knew that at best he only had 10 minutes to lose consciousness. Rogers explains:

“I remember saying to myself, ‘Well, don’t be afraid.’ do not be afraid. “Try to see what options you have.”

It was here that Rogers realized that Apple still had his watch on his wrist. So with the help of his watch, he called the emergency services and after 5 minutes, the rescue forces pulled him out of the water and saved his life.

All versions of the Apple Watch have a feature called Emergency SOS, which allows you to make quick calls to the emergency center in a variety of ways. In addition, the Apple Watch has a crash detection feature that, if enabled, will automatically call the emergency center after one minute.

Apple also offers a feature on the Apple Watch 5 Series and above that allows you to make emergency calls from anywhere in the world if you have access to telecommunications services, and your calls are routed to local emergency centers.

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