An image of starfish swallowing a sea lion won the photography competition

An image of starfish swallowing a sea lion won the An image of starfish swallowing a sea lion won the photography competition 1

«David SlaterWildlife photographer captures a tragic moment in which dozens of colorful starfish are swallowing a lifeless sea lion on the seabed in California. This image was featured in the California Academy of Sciences Photography Competition in the «Aquatic lifeHas won first place.

“This wildlife photographer is a special photograph of the shallow waters of the Gulf.”Monterey»Has registered. In this picture We see a dead sea lion lying on the sea floor. Other sea lions are swimming in the background. This sea lion is probably of the species «Zalophus californianus” Or “Eumetopias jubatus” Is.

It is not clear how the sea lion in the picture died. it might be Natural reasons Dead or due to human factors such as Ship hit، Swallow plastic Or Stuck in fishing gear To have suffered this fate.

However, the population of this species of sea lion is rapidly declining Increase And there is no concern about it. The names of these sea lions in the list of the International Union for Conservation of Nature «IUCN” in part “Least concern for protection” it is registered.

“I knew this picture was really special,” Slater wrote on Instagram. But words cannot describe how I feel about it. “It depicts the beauty and adventure of the deep water.”

Starfish «Patiria miniataOr bat starfish in different color spectrums can also be seen in this photo. These starfish play an important role in swallowing sea lion and recycling it into energy and nutrients. They return milk residues to the marine food network.

Bat stars take their name from the tissue that grows between their arms. This texture is very similar to that of a bat. These stars can be between 5 to 9 arms Have and their length به to 20 cm arrives. Their presence is recorded in a wide range of colors, but usually Red، Orange، yellow، Brown، Green Or Purple are.

Bat stars have «Eye stainAre sensitive to light at the end of each arm and Olfactory cells At the bottom of their arms, it allows them to taste the chemicals left over from the bodies of other creatures.

These starfish, when they find food, are one of Two stomachs They excrete themselves through the mouth, release digestive enzymes and break them down after eating.

Unfortunately, global warming has caused this type of starfish to be exposed danger of extinction To be placed.

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