An increase in the import tariff for mobile phones above 600 dollars next year

An increase in the import tariff for mobile phones above 600 dollars next year

During the review of the 1402 budget bill, the representatives of the Islamic Council approved the government’s proposed plan and set the import duty of foreign mobile phones above 600 dollars at 15%.

In the evening session of the 7th of March, the MPs examined the revenue part of the 1402 budget bill of the whole country and then approved paragraph “i” of note 7. According to paragraph “i”, the import duty of foreign mobile phones above 600% is determined by at least 15%. Also, imports of other brands will be calculated and received on a double basis. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance has the duty to deposit the resources resulting from the implementation of this ruling to the income level of 1401. The import of this category of goods through free commercial and industrial zones will be subject to this ruling.

Increase in the import tariff of mobile phones

When was the plan to increase the import tariff of mobile phones above 600% proposed?

The MPs announced that this tariff will be used to support the development of microelectronics industry infrastructure. The responsibility of the institutional work division of duties and the management of the realization of the goals of the mentioned paragraph is also under the responsibility of the special working group for the digital economy of the 13th government. The plan to change the tariff of mobile phones above 600 dollars from other phones was proposed and approved by the parliament two years ago. Now in 1402, the 12% tariff on these phones will increase by three percent, which will be a significant amount considering the current dollar rate in the country.

Mojtabi Rezakhah, the representative of Tehran province of the Islamic Council, said in line with the increase in the import tariff of mobile phones above 600 dollars:

The 13th government has taken a wrong approach to not register some mobile brands, which has caused disorder in the market. If the government intends to increase the tax for these mobile phones, it should announce it as soon as possible; Not that he did not register these mobile phones and cause people’s dissatisfaction.

He emphasizes that the government should register all the mobile phones needed by the people of Iran in order to eliminate the disorder. Of course, he declared that he has no problem with increasing the import tax of the mentioned goods.

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