An omega-3 rich diet can help reduce headaches

رژیم غذایی غنی از امگا ۳ می‌تواند به کاهش سردرد کمک کند

New research shows that eating an omega-3 rich diet can reduce the number of headaches and the severity of the headache compared to regular omega-3s and omega-6s.

Today’s industrial diets have lower levels of omega-3s than ever before and contain more omega-6 fatty acids. Some of these fatty acids are used as precursors of oxytocins in the body, which are involved in inducing or reducing pain and inflammation. Omega-3-induced oxytocin is more effective in reducing pain, while omega-6 molecules are used to induce pain and can cause recurrence of migraine headaches in susceptible individuals. Previous research into the role of omega-3s in migraine headaches has not been able to establish a specific relationship Show.

Fish, avocados, nuts and seeds are all natural sources of omega-3s.

A team of American researchers has found that an omega-3 rich diet can increase the production of 17-HDHA in the body, which helps reduce the number and frequency of headaches. The studies were performed on 182 people with migraines with recurrence of symptoms between 5 and 20 days a month. One of the three diets in the study was assigned to each person for 16 weeks.

The incidence and severity of headache in each person was evaluated based on an online questionnaire every day. The results show that groups receiving omega-3 rich diets were less likely to have headaches, although a decrease in omega-6 levels had less of an effect on headaches.

People on an omega-3-rich diet experienced less headaches for about 1.3 hours a day, reaching 2 or two days per month. Also, the group that consumed low omega-6 in addition to high omega-3 reported 1.7 hours less headache per day and 4 days less headache per month. However, the researchers acknowledge that all of the patients studied were young women, and that such a diet may not be appropriate for men, the elderly, or children. It is also a very difficult process to follow these diets in the long run and can not become a normal alternative for many people.

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