Analytical results in the UK: Vaccines are highly effective against coronary arteries

نتیجه تحلیلی در بریتانیا: واکسن‌ها اثربخشی مناسبی روی کرونا امیکرون دارند

Corona amicron is advancing around the world at several times the rate of delta infection, but to what extent can this species cause hospitalization and what effect do vaccines have on it?

Two years after the first case of coronary heart disease was reported in Wuhan, China, Britain is once again experiencing an increase in the number of coronary heart disease, which is the fastest-growing species of Amicron. On Friday, 189,846 people with the virus broke the UK’s daily infection record. While hospital admissions have increased for this reason, the government Has claimed The Amicron species is milder than the Delta species.

This claim is reliable because the number of patients in need of intensive care was almost constant until December – unlike previous peaks in the corona epidemic, which was rising sharply every day.

The analysis was released by the British Health and Safety Agency after the University of Cambridge compared 528,176 cases of emicron with 573,012 cases of delta. Vaccines, on the other hand, have been shown to work well against emicron.

Effect of vaccine on corona amicron

Susan Hopkins, the agency’s senior medical adviser, said: “In the analysis, the risk of hospitalization for amicron cases with symptomatic or asymptomatic infection was lower after 2 or 3 doses of the vaccine. For those who received three doses of the corona vaccine, the risk of hospitalization was reduced by 81%. These results are consistent with other encouraging signs in Amicron. “But our health services are ready to deal with the high rates of virus transmission among individuals.”

In any case, we need to know that it is too early to draw a definite conclusion about the severity of the condition of the hospitalized, and the increase in Amicron transmission and the incidence of people over 60 in the UK means that there is likely to be significant pressure on the medical system in the coming weeks.

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