Android 12 is equipped with the ability to change the color of apps and menus

Android 12 is equipped with the ability to change the color of apps and menus

With the development of Android 10, Google introduced the dark mode with the aim of reducing users’ eye fatigue, and this time it is trying to develop a new theme system with Android 12 so that users can work with applications in various color themes.

Currently, users of Google Pixel phones can choose limited color themes for their desired applications. In addition, it is possible to change the theme in both light and dark modes, which is the culmination of changes that users can make.

According to information published through «9to5GoogleGoogle is trying to provide Android 12 with a different and more advanced theme system so that users can change the color of the apps to their liking. These changes may include changing the background color, changing the color of notifications, and other quick settings.

Due to the fact that different manufacturers of smartphones may pay attention to certain color sets and tend to make certain colors available to users, as a result of the color variation of the Android 12 theme system, from one brand to another and from one The model of the phone will probably be different from other models.

There is currently no specific app to create a custom color theme in the Google Play Store, and there is no talk of an option to customize and customize the colors. However, in the Android 12 theme system, primary colors are available to developers and they can choose the colors they want.

Given that we are not far from the release of the stable version of Android 12, ‌ it is possible that Google will remove the theme system before the release of this version later this year.

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