Android 13 greatly reduces game load time

اندروید 13 زمان بارگذاری بازی‌ها را تا حد زیادی کاهش می‌دهد

A large part of the gamer community is made up of mobile game enthusiasts, and Google made great efforts in Android 12 to make the gaming experience easier for players. Now, according to the evidence, it seems Android 13 It will greatly reduce the loading time of games.

Esper website in a detailed report that About Android changes 13 The article explains that Google is adding a new method called setGameState to the GameManager API in its new operating system, which, when implemented, will let the game know its current status to the phone. In addition, the game can also share information about the loading process. The phone can then automatically boost its CPU performance as needed, according to the information it receives, using the new GAME_LOADING mode.

The new feature of Android 13 is for manufacturers

The report explains in another important point that it is responsible for determining the performance of the processors when this mode is enabled Manufacturers will be.

Theoretically, despite this feature, players will be less likely to encounter a game loading screen. So it is expected that this feature Favorite Manufacturers should be included, because many of them are already trying to reduce the loading time of games on their phones, and the existence of an internal feature will help them a lot in this regard.

At the end of the report it is explained that Google plans to make its new feature available All phones Assume that they support Android 13 (and newer versions).

Google with Android 12 It also introduced several new features for gamers and developers. Some select phones, such as the Pixel 6 series, for example, have a new Game Dashboard tool that provides access to useful tools such as screenshot shortcuts, screen capture, DND keys, and more while playing.

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