Android 13 offers four different styles for creating dynamic themes

اندروید 13 برای ایجاد تم پویا چهار سبک مختلف را ارائه می‌کند

Ability Dynamic theme Which is one of the biggest features of Android 12 and is known as monet code, adjusts the color of the user interface and different parts of the system based on the background image, and now it seems that Google in Android 13 Plans four color combinations New To your feature.

According to the report, Google is working on Four new styles To Auto theme setting system Is yourself. The new styles are codenamed TONAL_SPOT, VIBRANT, EXPRESSIVE, and SPRITZ, and continue to use the background image to create color palettes, but include some minor changes as follows.

New style of themes in Android 13

  • TONAL SPOT: Default material design language palette
  • VIBRANT: To provide enhancement of secondary and background colors
  • EXPRESSIVE: Covers more colors, including those that are not in the background
  • SPIRITZ: Has an almost gray palette

The Pixel series phones that support Android 12 now offer four dynamic theme styles that are created by changing the color. However, it should be noted that these new styles will be different and provide users with the ability to customize and create more colors.

If you are not familiar with this feature of Google operating system, the dynamic theme feature was first introduced in the beta version of Android 12. Despite this feature, all components of the operating system’s environment, from system colors to icons, change in a simple and beautiful way based on your background image. Unfortunately, this feature has been introduced exclusively for Pixel phones, but other manufacturers such as Samsung and Oppo are also working on their own versions and may be more widely used in the future.

We are probably a month or more away from the release of the first developer of Android 13, and so far many details have been revealed about its features such as easier file transfer and QR code scanning. More reports are expected over time.

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