Ann became the third largest brand in the Chinese mobile market, behind Xiaomi and Apple

آنر با پشت سر گذاشتن شیائومی و اپل، سومین برند بزرگ بازار موبایل چین شد

A new report from CINNO Research on the Chinese smartphone market shows that Honor has become the third largest brand in the mobile market. The brand has overtaken Apple and Xiaomi to reach third place, and is now lower than Oppo and Vivo.

According to the news agency ChinaDaily, The independent Honor brand, which split from Huawei’s subsidiary last year, sold 4 million smartphones in July and moved up to third place. Xiaomi and Apple are in fourth and fifth place with 3.9 million and 3 million units sold, respectively.

Oppo is still in first place with 5.6 million units sold, and Vivo is in second place with 5.3 million units. However, July did not fare relatively well on an annual basis. China hosted a total of 26 new handsets this month, down 38.1 percent, with only 11 of them supporting 5G technology.

Speaking of 5G, companies have sold about 29 million devices, of which 23 million use next-generation capabilities. Total sales of the devices increased by 28.6%, but more importantly, the 5G market experienced a growth of 79.6%. The total sales of 5G devices have now reached 400 million, which is more than all users in large markets such as the United States and Europe.

After the separation from Huawei, Honor held only 3% of the Chinese market share. But it gradually strengthened its foothold in this market and was able to experience significant growth. The company recently unveiled the Magic 3 Series handsets, which are designed to bring the Honor back to the high-end product market.

Chinese companies are now preparing to launch the iPhone 13 in September with the introduction of new products in August.

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