Announcement of Nowruz 1400 Irancell gifts

Announcement of Nowruz 1400 Irancell gifts

Irancell will consider digital and cash gifts including free talk and internet gifts, 14 GB of free internet, 5 gold coins in my Irancell app and 280 million cash prizes and 14 GB internet packages in Irancell greeting app for all its subscribers, for this auspicious Nowruz. has taken.

Free talk and internet gift

All Irancell subscribers can receive the Irancell Nowruz gift by dialing # 5 * from March 21, 2017 to February 4, 2010. This gift includes a combination package of one hour of free Irancell calls (within the network) and 1 GB of free internet, and its validity is one hour from the time of activation.

14 GB of free internet and 5 gold coins in my Irancell application

From March 20, 2016 to April 4, 2016, Irancell will give away 14 GB of internet by drawing a lottery ticket to 1400 subscribers who shake their mobile phones in the amazing shaking section of the Irancell application. These packages are valid until the end of the day they are received and activated, and each subscriber will receive them only once.

In addition to the internet package in the Irancell Man app, five quarters of Bahar Azadi coins will be given to five subscribers who have given the most jolts to their mobile phones in the last 14 days using the amazing Irancell Man shake.

280 million cash prizes and 14 GB internet packages in Pishvaz application

Irancell greeting application, special Nowruz prizes including 280 million Rials cash prize and 14 GB of gift internet, has been considered for all Irancell subscribers, and it is possible to receive these gifts until April 10, 2014. Irancell greeting application gifts for the occasion of Nowruz 1400, a prize of 14 million Tomans, fourteen prizes of 1 million Tomans and 14 GB prizes are considered for 1400 people.

A prize ۱۴ Million Tomans

Iranians can try their luck to receive a prize of 14 million Tomans by uploading a personal greeting song in its greeting app. Each personal greeting song upload in this application has one point.

Fourteen awards 1 Million Tomans

By activating the smart greeting song in Irancell greeting application, all subscribers can be one of the fourteen winners of one million Tomans prizes. Each time you activate the smart greeting song, you get one more point.

awards ۱۴ GB for 1400 N

By activating the normal greeting song, all subscribers can be one of the 1400 winners of the 14 GB internet gift. Each time you activate a normal greeting song, you will receive one more point.

In this way, all Irancell subscribers can benefit from the digital gifts of the first and largest digital operator of Iran during Nowruz 1400, and also by shaking my Irancell application and activating the greeting song in the Irancell greeting application, their chance to win cash gifts and gold coins is tested. کردن.

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