Announcing the details of the 17th season of Apex Legends

Announcing the details of the 17th season of Apex Legends

“Respawn Entertainment” studio released a trailer for the 17th season of “Apex Legends” called Arsenal. The new season of this game will be available to users next week.

Respawn Entertainment studio has officially unveiled the 17th season of Apex Legends online game. The 17th season called Arsenal is going to introduce a new legend to users. The name of this legend is Ballistic, who has the ability to control a secret weapon to destroy his enemies. The Ballistic tactic is to heat up and detonate the enemies’ weapons. He can also provide unlimited ammo to his teammates.

It should be noted that in the 17th season of Apex Legends, players will see many tricks in the World Edge map, which emphasize the overall health of the map. In the new season of Apex Legends, users will encounter a new mode called Monument. Monument mode is actually a museum that displays the history of the said game. Users may get to know the developers of Respawn studio and their work in this museum.

The seventeenth season of Apex Legends game

Introducing the new Weapon Mastery system in the 17th season of Apex Legends

New Weapon Mastery system in Arsenal expansion pack Allows players to earn XP by using weapons. This new system has stages of testing different weapons, which eventually unlocks various gifts for users. Respawn promises that Weapon Mastery is a long-term progression system. Players can also look forward to updates to Firing Range, the ability to ping new things, and major changes to Ranked Play.

The 17th chapter of Apex Legends in history May 9 (May 19, 1402) For platforms “PlayStation 4”, “PlayStation 5”, “Xbox One”, “Xbox Series X/S”, “Nintendo Nintendo Switch and PC will be available. You can watch the Arsenal add-on trailer below:

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