Announcing the details of the Eid packages of Mobile First and Irancell

Announcing the details of the Eid packages of Mobile First and Irancell

With the aim of facilitating access to entertaining content during the days of Nowruz and Ramadan, Irancell and Hamarul Awl also considered special internet packages for their subscribers.

Irancell plans to activate discount internet packages up to 10 GB for its subscribers during Nowruz and Ramadan. Irancell subscribers since history March 29 to May 3 1402, they can refer to the “Irancell Man” special offers section. Also they are by dialing Command code #1402* They can access 10 GB internet packages. By receiving discounted internet packages, Irancell subscribers can use the “Lens” internet TV, the film and series section of the “Rubica” platform and the VOD service “Filimo”.

The said discounted internet packages are offered based on the amount of usage of users in Lenz, Rubika and Filmo. These packages are valid for 30 days after activation. Irancell subscribers can use it to access all the contents of “Lens”, the film and series section of “Rubika” and the subscription contents of “Filimo” with full price internet. It should be noted that Irancell subscribers do not need to buy a subscription to these platforms to buy these packages.

Eid packages of Irancell and first companion

Details of the Eid packages of the first companion company

The first companion company also offers various Eid packages for its subscribers from date March 29 until Eid al-Fitr considered. These special Eid packages are available to subscribers in two groups: “Digital Life Services” and “Package and Credit”. Subscribers can activate the above packages only through the “Hamrah Man” application.

All the subscribers of the first mobile phone, to access the Eid plans, it is enough to refer to the application “My mobile phone” and select the option “Eid 1402” to choose Of course, the first companion plans to offer special Eid packages randomly to its subscribers. For example, in Sect “Eid 1402” There is a wheel that starts spinning when the user selects one of them. Then one of the gifts will be randomly displayed to the user.

“Digital Life Services” circular includes discount codes of various digital businesses such as Ekala, Digikala, Namava, Achareh, Jajiga. In the “package and credit” circle, subscribers are faced with various internet packages such as 10 GB, 2 GB and unlimited 2-day packages. However, in this plan, all subscribers of Mobile First will also benefit from Nowruz gifts titled “Idi First” in addition to measuring their luck.

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