Announcing the results of a major breakthrough in nuclear fusion by the US in the coming days

Announcing the results of a major breakthrough in nuclear fusion by the US in the coming days

In the latest news recently US Department of Energy It has promised to unveil a major scientific breakthrough in the coming days, and some believe that this institution is going to take advantage of new achievements in nuclear fusion, and according to reports, a laboratory in Livermore, California, has succeeded in producing a new nuclear fusion reactor. which can bring the world closer to access to efficient carbon-free energy production.

In this regard, an anonymous source apparently associated with the Livermore Laboratory in the United States (LLNL) told CNN that the laboratory was able to conduct a successful test of nuclear fusion, and this led to the production of clean, carbon-free energy. The CNN report was published only a few hours after the publication of the report of three other media in this regard, and they also acknowledged that the results of this test are preliminary, but still important enough to make positive changes to achieve this energy-oriented technology.

Nuclear fusion has historically produced less net energy than it consumes, resulting in a loss of energy and its balance for production. Nuclear fusion is the opposite of nuclear fission, which is what happens in today’s nuclear power plants. While nuclear fission splits an atomic nucleus into two smaller particles, nuclear fusion combines two atomic nuclei into one heavier nucleus, releasing large amounts of energy in the process.

American Fusion Core Livermore

Although scientists have successfully experimented with nuclear fusion in the past, the tightly controlled process has always consumed a greater proportion of energy than it produces, making it virtually unusable. If the news in this regard is true and the Californian laboratory has actually achieved nuclear fusion with better energy consumption or production, this could be called a turning point in this field, and this is probably what the US Department of Energy means.

35 countries (ITER) have been trying to build a nuclear fusion reactor since 1985, and there has been extensive multilateral investment and cooperation in this field. The mission of developing this technology is to reduce the world’s reliance on fossil fuels and reduce carbon dioxide production to improve climate conditions and the future of the earth. In this regard, it seems that the Californian laboratory has succeeded in defeating ITER, but we have to wait until next week and the official announcement of the news.

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