Announcing the roadmap of Intel PC processors in the company’s webinar next week

Announcing the roadmap of Intel PC processors in the company's webinar next week

Intel It just announced that it will release its PC processor roadmap in its webinar next week. In this online event, Intel Company is going to announce its visions and plans to respond to market requests, drivers and products that are going to be introduced next year.

Intel, the world’s largest supplier of microprocessors, has recently been hit the hardest by the decline in market demand for PC processors. However, demand is expected to increase again in the future, and Intel’s management team intends to prepare the company to meet customer needs and respond to market demand.

Intel plans to announce its goals in the PC sector in an online webinar for the company’s investors. Intel is still a powerhouse in the CPU sector, and its PC products are likely to offer high-end capabilities both now and in the future.

Earlier this week, the American company reaffirmed its roadmap and production targets for 1.8nm products and acknowledged that the production of these chips will begin in the second half of 2024. Along with the news about new node production technology, Intel mentioned several products for PC, including the Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake processor series, which are scheduled to be released in 2023 and 2024, respectively.

Webinar Intel PC processor

However, the company did not mention the Lunar Lake series of processors, which are likely to be launched in 2025. In this regard, there are also rumors about the updated version of the Raptor Lake processor series, and it seems that these products are going to be released next summer.

However, Intel has not officially confirmed the supply of such chips. Another important part of Intel’s processor business is workstation and server products, and Intel recently confirmed the existence of new Sapphire Rapids series processors for workstation systems. In any case, Intel’s upcoming webinar about PC processors is likely to be interesting and this company is going to make news.

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