Antarctic glaciers are melting at the highest rate in 5500 years

یخچال‌های جنوبگان با بالاترین سرعت طی 5500 سال گذشته در حال آب شدن هستند

According to new studies, we now see that the two main glaciers of the Antarctic, or Antarctica, are melting faster than they did 5500 years ago. The University of Maine research team studied the “reduction” of water levels in the area and found that the glaciers were rapidly melting.

The researchers studied the radioactive carbon in the marine layers of the area and examined the bones of penguins in the area that once stood on the shores of the two glaciers. The two glaciers, called the Thwaites and the Pine Island, are melting so fast that the team estimates that Earth’s seas and oceans could rise to 3.4 meters in the next few hundred years.

Red situation for Antarctica

They estimate that about 5,500 years ago, the slow melting of these glaciers caused Antarctica (Antarctica) water levels to decline significantly. When polar glaciers are large and land on the ocean floor, they push the ground down. But when the glacier melts and floats on the surface of the water, the ocean floor returns to normal and the water level in that area decreases; Just like when a spring is squeezed in a glass of water and when it is released, the water level goes down.

Similarly, as the two glaciers melted and moved upward, new shores formed beneath them for the adjacent ocean. Therefore, by measuring the age of these layers and the bones they found in each layer, the team was able to calculate the rate at which the glaciers were rising and melting.

Although the rate of melting of glaciers has remained steady for the past 5,500 years, we now see that it has increased with the five factors created by global warming. This could be catastrophic for a planet that is warming at any given moment.

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