Antipsychotic drugs may help fight the coronavirus

Antipsychotic drugs may help fight the coronavirus

Antipsychotic medications are a group of medications that are commonly prescribed to treat mental disorders. Researchers have now discovered that taking these drugs may help increase immunity to the coronavirus. Scientists say those who take these drugs are less likely to develop Covid-19, and patients in this group have not experienced an acute form of the disease.

The results of this study are the result of two studies, both of which were conducted under the auspices of the Mental Health Unit of the Virgin del Rocho University Hospital in Spain. The study used data from 698 patients at Seville Hospital who had been treated with antipsychotic drugs. Researchers say Covid-19 incidence was lower than expected among those taking the medication.

This is not to say that no cases have been reported, but in cases of coronavirus infection, people taking antipsychotic medications were more likely to develop mild types of Covid-19. This can be due to the modification of the genes that are commonly targeted by the corona virus. Professor Crespo-Fakuro, lead author of this article, says of the second study:

“We have seen incredibly how antipsychotics reduce the activation of genes involved in many inflammatory and immune-dependent pathways that increase the severity of Covid-19.” “Although the results of this study need to be re-examined, our discovery could be very important because it has been shown that treating Covid-19 with drugs that are originally used for different diseases can be an effective method.”

Clearly, conclusive evidence of such a direct link between antipsychotic drugs and coronavirus treatment requires comprehensive and further investigation. So it is not possible to say with certainty that taking these drugs can help all people, even people without mental disorders, with Covid-19.

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