App Store developers have earned $320 billion so far

App Store developers have earned $320 billion so far

Apple today shared a fresh update on its subscription businesses and the App Store. The company noted that since 2008 320 billion dollars of revenue It has paid itself off to App Store developers. This figure shows the revenue of App Store applications without taking into account Apple’s commission. In addition, Apple announced that there are now more than 900 million paid subscriptions across the company’s services, with App Store subscriptions accounting for the majority.

In 2022, the App Store faced numerous lawsuits and antitrust actions. The main purpose of these complaints was to limit the market power of this company. According to reports, the US Department of Justice is now in the early stages of filing an antitrust lawsuit against Apple, and has even recently hinted at Epic Games’ antitrust appeal. The US Department of Justice believes that the court ruling that Apple is not a monopoly is the result of a misinterpretation of the antitrust laws. The UK is also exploring the Android and iOS duopoly, with a special focus on browsers and cloud gaming services.

App Store revenue

This year, Apple also had to offer concessions for different parts of its app store business.

For example, the company had to comply with an anti-competition order in the Netherlands that allowed dating apps to use third-party payment methods.

Several European countries are currently investigating Apple’s app tracking transparency framework for anti-competitive issues. Last month, Apple tightened its control over App Store pricing by introducing 700 new points and rules that now allow developers to set prices that don’t end at $0.99. In this way, Apple tries to deal with complaints about the lack of control of developers over their business. A class action lawsuit by app developers against Apple in the United States was settled in 2021.

Despite the challenges, the App Store continues to grow

More than 650 million visitors from 175 regions around the world visit the App Store every week, Adele noted, and the service continues to offer new experiences. The launch of the mobile version of Apex Legends earlier this year and the introduction of a new series of interactions with BeReal was one of the highlights of the year for Apple.

Arcade, the game subscription service, also grew last year, adding more than 50 titles, including Warped Kart Racers, Jetpack Joyride 2, Gibbon: Beyond the Trees, Wylde Flowers, and Cooking Mama: Cuisine. This service now hosts more than 200 games in total.

Apple also mentioned the statistics of some other services. Apple Music service now has more than 100 million songs. The number of monthly users of this service has tripled since the introduction of surround sound.

Meanwhile, Apple Fitness Plus expanded its library to 3,500 exercises and meditations. Apple TV Plus is the first content streaming service to win the Academy Award for Best Picture with CODA. In February, the Apple TV program will also start broadcasting Major League Soccer games.

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