App Store remains unrivaled: Anti-monopoly bill against Apple not approved

App Store remains unrivaled: Anti-monopoly bill against Apple not approved

The North Dakota Senate did not pass a bill that could have barred Apple from forcing developers to use the App Store and its payment system.

According to the North Dakota State Website, Bill SB2333 received 11 votes in favor and 36 against. Not approved So that Apple can breathe easy. The controversial bill, introduced about a week ago,, if passed, would force all software distribution companies with annual revenues of more than $ 10 billion to force developers to monopolize a single app store, such as the App Store or Google Play. The store, as well as their proprietary payment system, was prohibited.

Forcing developers to use the App Store’s proprietary payment system allows Apple to earn a 30 percent commission on in-app sales and in-app payments. Many developers have objected to this policy, and some critics believe that Apple is enforcing the rules of the App Store in a tasteful way.

Although the bill, if passed, would only include companies operating in North Dakota, it was an important step in changing Apple’s behavior across the United States. The bill’s success also encouraged other US states to take the path of North Dakota and seek to regulate the relationship between app stores and developers.

As expected, Apple reacted very negatively to the bill. A senior Apple privacy official said the bill would destroy the current nature of the iPhone and could jeopardize “the privacy, security, safety and performance of iPhones.” “We’re doing our best to keep malicious apps out of the App Store, but the bill requires us to let them in,” he added. Of course, this statement of the Apple CEO does not agree with the recent discoveries of one of the iOS developers.

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