Apple, along with Arcade, is looking to launch a cloud gaming service

اپل در کنار آرکید به دنبال راه‌اندازی سرویس گیمینگ ابری بوده است

In a new report, Bloomberg says that Apple had the idea to launch a cloud gaming service similar to Nvidia GeForce Now or Google Stadium alongside the Apple Arcade service. But this project was not implemented in the end.

“Mark German”, Bloomberg correspondent in The latest episode Asked if Apple was developing a cloud gaming service, Power On said the company had previously considered such an idea but had not yet implemented it. “[اپل آرکید] “It is a unique service that runs games on the user’s device instead of the cloud.”

Although Apple clearly prefers to process games on the device to cloud computing, the Bloomberg reporter still hopes to one day see Apple’s cloud gaming service. “I’ve been told by Apple that the idea of ​​launching such a service has been explored in the past,” says German.

However, the Cupertinos oppose the presence of cloud gaming services in the App Store, arguing that individual games on these services should be registered and reviewed separately in the company’s store. Microsoft, Nvidia and several other companies provide a collection of games through their servers so that they can experience them online without the use of powerful hardware.

Apple Arcade, on the other hand, provides access to a range of quality games in a single-price package, but to experience these games you must have them installed on Apple devices. Analysts say the service had attracted about 12 million subscribers by the end of 2020.

Do you think Apple will eventually join other big companies with an online game streaming service and gain more revenue from the popular video game market? Share your views with us.

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