Apple announced the Unleashed event on October 17th

اپل از برگزاری مراسم Unleashed در تاریخ ۲۶ مهر خبر داد

Apple today announced a special event on Monday next week, October 26 (October 18). The event, called “Unleashed”, will be held at 20:30 Tehran time, and we will probably see the unveiling of the new generation MacBook Pro as well as the AirPad 3.

This event, like previous Cupertino ceremonies, is held virtually at Apple Park. Apple, which unveiled the iPhone 13 series phones a few weeks ago, is now likely to introduce its latest laptops, and of course we will probably have to wait for the introduction of the third generation of the powerful AirPad and Mac Mini.

To date, we have seen many reports of the next generation MacBook Pro. These laptops are expected to arrive in 14-inch and 16-inch versions with Mini-LED displays. These products will have small margins around their screens and will be equipped with the newer M1X‌ chip.

According to reports, we will have to wait for the return of the Magsif port to these laptops, which will replace USB-C for charging the device. In addition, we have to wait for the addition of HDMI port and memory card port. Also, there will probably be no touch bar, and the Cupertinos will eventually use the standard keys at the top of the keyboard.

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As we said at the beginning, MacBooks will probably not be the only products present at this event, and we will have to wait for the introduction of the AirPad 3 as well. While many were waiting for the unveiling of this wireless airbag at the iPhone 13 event, the Cupertinoites decided to unveil a new generation of iPad and iPad mini instead. So it is very likely that we will face the AirPad 3 in next week’s event.

According to reports, the design of this airbag will be similar to the AirPad Pro and the size of its stems will be reduced. However, we should not wait to add active noise cancellation to it.

We at Digito will cover this event as always, so just follow us next week to find out about the products in it.

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