Apple became the world’s first $ 3 trillion company

اپل اولین شرکت 3 تریلیون دلاری دنیا شد

With the rise in Apple stock prices, the Cupertinos became the world’s first $ 3 trillion company. Apple stock rose more than 40 percent last year.

With Apple stock priced at $ 182.86, the Cupertinos were able to experience a market value of $ 3 trillion. Apple has tripled its value in less than four years, from a $ 1 trillion company to a $ 3 trillion giant.

In the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2021, Apple saw revenue growth in all sectors, and its annual revenue grew by 29%. While iPhones are the main reason for Cupertino’s revenue growth, the company’s services business grew 25.6 percent year-on-year, bringing Apple more than $ 18 billion in revenue in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2021. Of course, during this period, the Meccans also experienced good sales and broke records.

Apple’s $ 3 trillion market value

Apple became a $ 2 trillion company just over a year ago; That is, almost two years after a company became $ 1 trillion. Apple’s market value of $ 3 trillion is not surprising, as many analysts had predicted.

Apple stock is likely to reach $ 200 in the near future to experience higher value and its market value will approach $ 3.5 trillion over time.

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