Apple brings companies’ ability to automate tasks to the Mac

اپل قابلیت‌ شرتکاتز برای خودکار سازی وظایف را به مک می‌آورد

With the unveiling of the new Mac OS Mantry operating system, Apple has announced the release of the Shortcuts app for Mac OS this year.

Mac has a long history of automating tasks through Command Prompt, ShellScript, AppleScript, and Atomizer. On iOS, too, the company allows users to automate tasks. Now with the Monterey Partner feature Comes to Mac.

Corporate helps users schedule automated tasks for daily tasks to improve their performance. The same minute company with the same feature on iPhone and iPad allows the user to perform automated tasks in popular applications. Apple has also developed pre-made corporate libraries specifically for the Mac, and users can do things like share files, create animated GIF files, auto-send messages, create an email, open a website, and more. Make it easier. But users looking to define more advanced activities can use the company-specific Editor for Mac.

The Mac Company Specials is also integrated with the menu bar, ‌ Finder, Spotlight and Siri to make it easier to perform the assigned tasks. Users who used the older Automator app will be able to transfer previously defined tasks to CompanySatz, but Apple plans to figure out the end of Automator over time, and users will be forced to migrate to CompanyCatz in the coming years.

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