Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak launches space company

«استیو وزنیاک»، هم‌بنیانگذار اپل یک شرکت فضایی راه‌اندازی می‌کند

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak plans to make a strong presence in the space industry in the form of a company called “Privateer” alongside Ilan Musk, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos, making space a safe and accessible place.

Wozniak with Post a tweet He announced his decision to enter the space industry with a short video, although the focus of this private space company has not been announced by him yet. In the shared teaser, it که points out that we all live on the same planet and are responsible for each other. The teaser clearly shows that the lives of all human beings on the planet are interdependent, and we need to think about future generations so that the world can be inhabited by them.

Privateer is said to be in the field of space debris collection. However, this issue was not mentioned directly in the tweet and the shared video. With the increase in space debris, the idea of ​​collecting it from space is an interesting option, and it seems that Steve Wozniak is also pursuing a big goal with the launch of this company.

Wozniak had previously said that space had become a dumpster for satellite and rocket parts, and that the 6,000-tonne volume needed to be cleared. He described this volume of garbage in space as the largest garbage dump in the world.

Apparently, a website called Privateer has been launched, which does not yet contain contact information, and even the main focus of its activity has not been specified. It remains to be seen what plans Steve Wozniak will pursue alongside Ilan Musk, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos, who are well-known in the industry, and how they will play a role in this field.

NASA has repeatedly warned of the potential dangers of space debris. NASA says this amount of debris could pose a threat to space. The space agency is currently monitoring 27,000 pieces of space debris. Cleaning the space comes at a high cost. Last year, former NASA director Jim Bridenstein asked Congress to spend about $ 15 million to clean up the space.

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