Apple delays launching podcast subscription service

اپل راه‌اندازی سرویس حق اشتراک پادکست‌ها را به تعویق انداخت

Apple today announced to developers using the company’s podcast platform that the launch of the platform’s subscription service will be delayed until June (mid-June to mid-July) to ensure that Cupertinoites provide the best possible experience to content creators and their audiences. will be.

Apple first introduced its podcast subscription service at the Spring Event. Content creators with this service can charge users to provide proprietary content. The company issued a statement today Announced:

“This announcement will share new details about when Apple Podcast subscriptions and channels will be available. We are pleased with the feedback we received on last month’s news. It is exciting to see the hundreds of subscription services and channels that are recorded daily by content creators.

The Apple Podcast subscription service will now be launched in June to ensure the best user experience for content creators and listeners. You will find out more about the launch time and the mechanisms for preparing subscriptions and channels through this newsletter.

Some content creators have seen delays in publishing content and accessing Apple Podcasts Connect in recent weeks. We’ve fixed these issues, and we urge content creators to report any issues. In addition, we’ve heard from listeners, and based on that feedback, we made changes to iOS 14.6 released last Monday. “We will make more optimizations to the Library in the coming weeks.”

Support for podcast subscription service has been added to the Apple platform on iOS 14.6, but no subscriptions have been found yet. Earlier in iOS 14.5, Apple released a new version of the Podcasts app and fixed some bugs in iOS 14.6. Now it’s apparently still more time for Apple’s new shared service to officially launch.

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