Apple employees are paid less than Google and Microsoft

حقوق کارمندان اپل کمتر از گوگل و مایکروسافت است

An examination of the S&P 500 index shows that large American companies Apple Less pay than competitors, including companies Google، Meta And Microsoft Pays its employees. The company also provides women approx 6 percent Pays less than men for doing the same thing.

While the average employees’ salary Google In 2021, the Wall Street Journal reported $ 295,884. That figure was $ 68,254 for Apple.

The Wall Street Journal reports on the salaries of employees of large technology companies

The Wall Street Journal attempts to report on the salaries of various companies Technology Has collected and achieved interesting results. In this study, Apple’s average salary in 2021 was about 68,254 dollars, which the publication says has increased by 18% compared to the previous year. The report also mentions Apple approx 154,000 employees Which includes retail employees.

Alphabet It also has 156,600 employees. However, the company’s average salary is much higher than Apple, at about $ 295,884. The company has paid its employees over the past year 8 percent Has increased.

In the meantime, the average salary of employees Facebook In 2021, it has increased by 11% to $ 292,985. The company also has 71970 employees. Twitter’s average salary is reported at $ 232,226, and the company has increased its salary of 7,500 employees by 13% since last year.

Document 500 related data Companyبزرگ های های در United States Which includes Microsoft. However, the Wall Street Journal did not provide data on employee salaries Microsoft Acquired accurately and therefore did not compare the company.

Comparing salaries between different companies is certainly not an easy task. Because working conditions and details of employees’ activities in different companies can be varied. But in general it can be used for Job Positions Made similar general comparisons. In fact, it is not possible to accurately compare the salaries of Apple and Google employees’s activities Employees Each company has specific executive details, and the offices of these companies have multiple agencies around the world that make comparison conditions more difficult.

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