Apple employees will not fall victim to a tsunami of layoffs

Apple employees will not fall victim to a tsunami of layoffs

According to recent reports, unlike other major technology companies, Apple will not lay off thousands of employees. It seems that the employees Apple thanks to the management of Tim Cook They will not be victims of a tsunami of retrenchment.

Apparently, Apple has just laid off some of its retail chain’s workforce, most notably employees at Best Buy stores, and said goodbye to 100 recruiters. However, unlike other prominent technology companies, there has not been any large-scale retrenchment.

Dan Ives, a prominent analyst at Wedbush Securities, said: Apple’s hiring pace has never been the same as other tech giants. You may see the management of costs in a partial way; But the Cupertinos proceed strategically.

Ives added: I think Tim Cook deserves to be inducted into the CEO Hall of Fame. He can handle the situation that other companies have dealt with by layoffs in a different way.

According to rumors, Apple has stopped hiring and cut budgets. However, Cook denied this and said the recruitment of new troops will continue.

He explained that Apple will not be involved in the recent wave of layoffs and will even continue to hire new employees. But that doesn’t mean they recruit in all areas of the company. In fact, Apple still believes in long-term investment and continues to invest for the future.

Apple downsizing

Wedbush Securities has recently lowered its forecast number for Apple’s stock over the next year. This institution is the main cause of economic problems; But factors such as the decrease in demand and delays in production have also been influential.

In the past few months, IBM has laid off nearly 4,000 employees, and Spotify has announced that it will cut 600 jobs. In addition, Amazon Inc. said goodbye to 18,000 employees, and Google and Microsoft each said goodbye to more than 10,000 employees.

  • Complete dismissal of employees of virtual reality and HoloLens departments by Microsoft
  • Spotify cuts 6% of employees in latest wave of layoffs

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