Apple finally makes it possible to see the Wi-Fi password in iOS 16

اپل بالاخره در iOS 16 مشاهده رمز وای فای را ممکن می‌کند

Apple at WWDC 2022 IOS 16 operating system Unveiled that includes several minor but practical improvements. One of these improvements that can be useful for many users is the ability to view WiFi network password Connected to it.

If in previous versions of iOS you wanted to share the Wi-Fi password connected to it to your friends or family, there is no way to see it on your phone and you have to go to another device, but Apple in iOS 16 changes that.

View WiFi password in iOS 16

When you go to the Wi-Fi section in the settings in iOS 16 and tap on the connected network, a new “Password” option is available. By selecting this option, the Wi-Fi network password will be displayed.

This feature is useful when you want to provide the password to users with Android or Windows products, but it does not affect the owners of Apple devices. In fact, password sharing between iPhone, iPad or Mac is automatic and convenient.

When Apple releases iOS 16 in the fall, all users (iPhone 8 and later) will be able to experience the change. Of course, you can experience its beta before the final version is released.

Developers already have access to a preview version of the operating system and can test it. The public beta of iOS 16 will be available to the general public next month (July), but they will have to deal with various bugs; So the most logical thing to do is to wait for the final version to be released.

IOS 16 has undergone many changes, one of the most important of which is the possibility Lock screen personalization Is. This version of iOS is also expected to feature an always-on display IPhone 14 Pro Pro Max bring. To get acquainted with this operating system, we suggest you read this Digito article.

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