Apple fined one million dollars for infringement in its App Store

Apple fined one million dollars for infringement in its App Store

These days, it is common to hear the news of Apple being fined for various violations, and this time it is a report WccfTech A commercial court in Paris added a $1 million fine to the company’s collection on Monday. Of course, the exact amount of this fine is a little more than one million euros ($1.06 million). The reason for this penalty was simple. Apple was accused of enabling unfair business practices in its App Store, which were seen as exploiting French app developers.

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Apple is not required to change its App Store to facilitate French developers

This ruling by Reuters It was observed and also they have reported that Apple does not need to make any changes to its App Store, not because it is not necessary, but the desired changes are expected to be achieved in a short period of time. This is thanks to the EU’s incoming Digital Markets Act, which requires changes in any case.

In this context, Apple’s spokesperson has said that the company will review the decision and believes in vibrant and competitive markets where innovation can flourish.

Through the App Store, we’ve helped French developers of all sizes share their passion and creativity with users around the world, while creating a safe and trusted place for customers.

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Apple is the biggest company affected by the change of rules in the European Union

Just to remind you, earlier this year, the Digital Markets Act was passed by the EU Parliament, with this antitrust law making sweeping changes that finally broke Apple’s monopolistic business practices in the App Store. The law requires Apple to allow developers to use third-party payment platforms in their apps. Additionally, the new rule allows app sideloading to be enabled on iOS and iMessage with other messaging platforms.

  • Passing the new DMA antitrust law in Europe and requiring Apple to change its App Store

These rules do not only include the software sector, and in the hardware sector of the European Union, it has forced companies like Apple to completely change their products to use the USB-C interface by December 2024. Given Apple’s market value of $2.1 trillion, a $1 million fine may seem insignificant. But as mentioned at the beginning, this is not the only fine for Apple, and if Apple wants to continue with its policies, these fines will continue, and the fine may even become a percentage of the company’s profit. But worse than that, if Apple neglects it, it may face some restrictions, which could be worse than a fine.

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