Apple gives its employees paid leave for corona vaccination

Apple gives its employees paid leave for corona vaccination

Corona vaccination has long been practiced in the United States, but not all people in the United States have been vaccinated. Now, to encourage its employees, Apple has provided them with paid leave for the time of receiving the vaccine.

With the start of a pandemic in the United States in March 2020, the Cupertinos have taken various steps to care for and protect employees as well as customers. Now that staff are back in the office, Apple is encouraging them to get the vaccine.

Employees can apply for paid leave for vaccination appointments. An employee can take paid leave if they experience side effects such as pain or illness after coronary vaccination.

According to Bloomberg Report According to sources, Apple does not have access to Corona vaccines and does not provide them to its employees, yet it does get them from people with symptoms at Covid-19 test offices.

Apple has opened all its stores in the United States, and employees will return to their offices in the near future. Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced that staff will return to the offices in June, but telecommuting is still possible:

“There is no substitute for face-to-face collaboration, yet we have learned a great lesson about being able to do things outside the office without sacrificing productivity or results. “After the Corona era, we retain all of Apple’s unique capabilities.”

A few days ago, Amazon began vaccinating some of its employees in warehouses in states such as Nevada and Kansas. Meanwhile, a number of hotel chains and airlines have also started injecting vaccines into staff.

Given such approaches, Apple may decide in the future to vaccinate its employees in offices, however, as mentioned above, it currently only takes staff with Covid-19 test marks.

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