Apple goes to court for hosting illegal gambling apps

Apple goes to court for hosting illegal gambling apps

Apple has recently filed a lawsuit in which plaintiffs allege that the company benefits from illegal gambling apps in the App Store. The lawsuit was filed in Northern California District Court, specifically citing a game developed by DoubleU Games, in violation of a number of state laws.

In this case Claimed Apple plays the role of an unlicensed casino by providing a platform for the activities of illegal gambling services. The problem with free gambling games is that they use in-game money instead of real money. Of course, users can buy in-game money with real money and gamble.

The case states that paying for gambling to gain more playing time violates anti-gambling laws in at least 25 states. In addition, research has shown that the bulk of casino app revenue comes from a small number of users, who are willing to pay high fees and are specifically targeted by app developers.

“On this basis, Apple is also actively promoting, licensing, advertising and monetizing illegal gambling,” the lawsuit alleges. The two plaintiffs in the case are Joshua MacDonald and Michael Helsell. The first person is said to have bought $ 4.99 in one of these games, and the second has spent about $ 107.99 in at least five separate purchases.

The case seeks a jury trial and seeks a ruling to prevent Apple from interfering in these illegal activities. The plaintiffs are also seeking compensation. This is not the first time he has been accused of hosting or making money from illegal gambling apps.

In October 2020, a woman sued Apple for hosting illegal gambling apps after spending thousands of dollars to buy in-game coins. Another lawsuit in January targeted Apple for receiving a 30 percent share of casino app revenue.

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