Apple goes to court to explain “refurbished” replacement devices

Apple goes to court to explain "refurbished" replacement devices

Five years after the lawsuit was filed, Apple is finally set to go to court in August this year to answer for repairs to devices that the company claims are “similar in reliability and performance to new products,” but the plaintiffs do not accept Apple’s claim.

The case was first filed in 2016 and complains about Apple’s services in replacing defective devices with “refurbished” models. Although Apple says that replacement devices are “equivalent to new products in terms of power and reliability,” this The case claims Refurbished devices do not fit this definition.

The first plaintiff in this case allegedly got an iPad replacement from Apple that did not work properly. Therefore, this case concludes that “refurbished” devices are not equivalent to new devices. This group complaint will represent customers who have been using the AppleCare or AppleCare + plan for the iPhone or iPad since July 20, 2012, and have received a “refurbished” replacement device from Apple.

In this case, the court discusses how to define the term “refurbished” and interpret the phrase contained in the AppleCare + contract, saying that these devices are “equivalent in terms of power and reliability to new devices.” The lawsuit apparently did not mention the depreciation of the device before repair because it also affects the device that the user receives.

According to Apple Replacement Guide, parts delivered to replacement centers must be returned to Apple for evaluation. When the problem persists, Apple usually sends them to stores to be given to customers as a replacement or sold directly as a “remanufactured” device.

Apple has denied any wrongdoing in this case. The trial is set to take place on Aug. 16 in Northern California State Court.

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