Apple has stopped selling most iMac Pro models

Apple has stopped selling most iMac Pro models

The iMac Pro will apparently have a short lifespan, as Apple has stopped selling all custom versions of the product, leaving only the base model as long as parts are available, priced at $ 4,999. Sells.

While Apple has stopped selling most of the iMac Pro models, users in the global market can still buy different versions of it from third-party stores, but their inventory will run out after a while and they will not be able to supply them again.

Apple unveiled the iMac Pro in 2017 to provide users with a powerful workstation with Intel Zeon processors. The chassis of this product is similar to other Imec models, however, it uses a more efficient cooling system and has a space gray color.

Despite the powerful specifications and of course the high price, we do not know how successful it is in the market. This product is present in a certain segment of the market, and of course, Apple introduced the new Mac Pro, which attracted the attention of many users.

Along with that, the Cupertinos are likely to unveil a brand new generation of iMac in the future that uses the company’s proprietary CPU and GPU. These products are expected to use a more powerful and efficient chip than the M1 chip used in the new MacBook Air and Pro. This chip, which may be called M1X, can provide high power to users and there is no need to introduce the Pro model.

A few days ago, Apple reduced the production of the 21.5-inch iMac model, and now we are witnessing the cessation of sales of many Peruvian models. All of these could indicate the introduction of a new iMac in the near future. The new generation is expected to feature a new design with narrow bezels around the screen and a design similar to the XDR Pro Display Monitor.

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